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How often am I required to have my Fire Extinguishers serviced?

All Fire Extinguishers need to be serviced every 12 months or after use. If the Extinguisher is leaking, it needs to be serviced immediately. Every month or sooner the Fire Extinguisher should be inspected and noted on service tag by the owner of the property or authorized agent.
What are the Classification and rating of Fires?


Choose the right Fire Extinguisher for the classification of fire it should extinguish:


  • Class A: Wood, paper fires.

  • Class B: Flammable liquids fires.

  • Class C: Electrical equipment fires.

  • Class D: Metal fires.

  • Class K: Cooking media (vegetable or animal oils and fats.

Some extinguishers are mutli purpose, those extinguishers are capable of extinguishing more then one class of fire, like: A.B.C. type extinguisher or B.C. type extinguisher.


What is a Hydrostatic Test and how often is it required?


A Hydrostatic Test is a pressure test that almost all cylinders and tanks must pass in order to comply with State Laws and Regulations. Some Fire Extinguisher cylinders are D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) type, and some are not. If the cylinder is a D.O.T. type, it must pass a Hydrostatic Test only by a company that is certified for it.

Most Fire Extinguishers need to pass a Hydrostatic Test every twelve years, or when they have any evidence of damage or corrosion.

Some Fire Extinguishers must pass a Hydrostatic Test every five years, like those filled with liquid (Water or Wet Chemical) and those installed in vehicles. (State Fire Marshal, California Code of Regulation, Title 19, 575.1).

Every six years, a Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher requires discharge,  For every twelve years hydrostatic test should be performed on cylinder  as well as a Halogenated (Halon 1211) Extinguisher.  Both are subject to be serviced. (State Fire Marshal, California Code of Regulation, Title 19, 575.4).



Where should I install my Fire Extinguishers?



Fire Extinguishers should be installed up to five feet from the floor and no less then four inches from the floor. The travel distance varies, but in no case more then 75 feet. The best locations are exits; it should be installed in an accessible place that can be reached easily. A post sign should be above the Fire Extinguisher to indicate its location to the public.


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